Saturday, 10 May 2014

Etosha National Park Warnings and Dangers

Do not show your pictures to the lion
Watching animals becomes exiting and in the process one might forget the dangers accompanying the activity. These are wild animals with reflexes of a lightning sometimes within a couple of meters of your vehicle so precautions should be taken at all times. Taking of pictures is main occupation in Etosha but make sure that you do not share them with the lion and be on the alert and on the window leaver of your car all the time.

Animals on the road
It is very common to see all kinds of animals on the road, so be careful and drive slow. If you are not careful you might crash into some poor animal, and worst, you do not want an elephant crash into you.

Stay in your car!
This might seem obvious but some people sometimes seem to forget that wild animals can be dangerous even if they look nice. Our guide told us enough stories of accident.

On this picture below, you can see how close we were from the elephants but luckily, our guide started the car very quickly because this big elephant didn't seem very happy to see us there and began to come in our direction.

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